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The Grecian Ghost


Maybe because it is Friday after a long week or that I’ve been starting to pack for our family vacation to Utah next week, regardless I have been seriously jonesing to get out of dodge. Like fill up my passport kind of get out dodge. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for our trip next […]

Easter Fruit Skewers


If you’re looking for a quick, simple, festive side to bring to your Easter brunch, look no further.  We did something similar last year, but seriously it is so simple but everyone always give you an AWWWWW! See!  SO SIMPLE.  Add your favorite fruit to a skewer and top it off the fluffy goodness of […]

Disney Preschool Games – YES PLEASE


Please tell me I’m not alone in struggling on how to keep the kids busy in the evenings without electronics (television, ipad, etc.)? We all know I’m kind of kookoo about the amount gadget time for my kids, and so when I find new games and activities to play with the kids sans them sitting […]

Wordless Wednesday – Eggs


This week’s theme is Eggs.  Rather than trying to get all deep and the meaning behind eggs, I just went with plain old, old school, the stupid dye that gets all over your hands, egg dye.  The good news is that we left them out all night, so there is no way the no-organic dye […]

Simple Garden Box


As we make our way into Spring, we’ve been all about gardening over here.  I thought this week we’d share with you a couple different garden’s we’ve been working on at Diapers-n-Heels. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you know that there have been a lot of dirt happening.  A few of the dirt […]

Gold Glitter California


Today we’re having some more fun with shims and the Silhouette.  I’ve been looking for some fun splashes of color around the house and well we all know I’m in love with Gold and Glitter and so I came up with the Gold Glitter California I’m so in love with it!  Here’s how we made it. […]

Raffia Carrots


With Easter just around the corner, we’ve been looking for all kinds of fun activities and decorations for the house and with the kids.  While crusin the Dollar Tree, I found a bundle of green raffia and they were out of orange.  Of course I found orange at Michaels and that of course is all […]

Laundry Room Makeover


Hello and Happy Day!  A few weeks back while showing you the wall stencil in the laundry room, I promised a look at the full laundry room makeover.  Well the time has come. That dingy dungeon of a laundry room is now bright and airy and makes it a place we like to be, instead of […]

Make your own drill guide


While putting the finishing touches on our laundry room, I was looking around trying to figure out what was missing. You guessed it, no knobs happening in the laundry room.  So down to Home Depot it was!  We like to pronounce it the De-pot for funzies.  I digress. I went with a simple modern pull […]

Butterfly Jungle Opening


Everyone know about San Diego’s World Famous Zoo, but did you know there is also a world renowned animal park in San Diego called the San Diego Zoo Safari Park?  For the first 25 years of my life it was called the Wild Animal Park, so you will still hear it called that by many […]